MaxiloMED Services

MaxiloMED offers a wide range of medical dental services such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implantology or facial aesthetics. These services are designed to complement each other, so that the patient benefits from optimal and stable treatment.

maxillofacial surgery maxilomed
Maxillofacial surgery

A specialty whose aim is the diagnosis and treatment of trauma, tumors and infections of the oral cavity, face and neck.

oral surgery maxilomed dr mihai juncar
Oral surgery

The aim of oral surgery is the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the diseases of the teeth and dental arches.

dental implantology maxilomed dr mihai juncar
Dental implantology

Dental implantology is a component of oral surgery through which the absent teeth are replaced by dental implants.

dental prosthetics maxilomed
Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is a specialty whose aim is to create implant- or natural tooth-supported fixed or removable prosthetic restorations.

orthodontics maxilomed

A medical specialty whose objective is to treat various irregularities of the teeth or dental arches. It is based on the use of extremely diverse types of fixed or removable appliances.

endodontics maxilomed

Endodontics is a specialty of dental medicine that treats dental pulp (nerve) disorders.

periodontology maxilomed

It deals with the treatment of the disorders of the marginal periodontium (gingiva) and the supporting periodontium (the bone surrounding the tooth and the tooth supporting structures).