MaxiloMED Fees

Our aim is to offer better health to our patients; the financial support provided by them allows us to keep the training of the medical staff and the equipment of MaxiloMED Clinic at a high standard in order to achieve the most efficient dental treatments

First examination 50 Lei
Emergency examination 150 Lei
Emergency examination NON STOP 400 Lei
Documentation of the case (if necessary) 50 Lei
Study models 50 Lei
Design of the treatment plan (stages) 100 Lei
Light-curing composite filling 200 Lei
Glass ionomer filling 100 Lei
Direct veneers 220 Lei
Sedative filling 150 Lei
Temporary filling 50 Lei
Glass fiber-reinforced filling 200 Lei
Direct MTA pulp capping 100 Lei
At-home tray whitening/both arches 600 Lei
UV light whitening/arch 400 Lei
Emergency endodontic drainage 63 $
Exploratory access/pulpectomy 50 $
Intermediate session 50 $
MTA application 63 $
Internal whitening/session 50 $
Removal of CRR 50 $
Obturatie canal monoradiculari 100 $
Obturatie canal biradiculari 112 $
Obturatie de canal pluriradiculari 125 $
Retratament endodontic monoradiculari 112 $
Retratament endodontic la biradiculari 125 $
Retratament endodontic la pluriradiculari 137 $
Indepartare corp strain (ac de pe canal) 75 $
La cazurile cu canale greu permeabile se
adauga acele consumate in timpul tratamentului
25 $
Determination of dental plaque and tooth brushing training 50 Lei
Ultrasonic scaling and cleaning 200 Lei
Air flow (professional cleaning with powder) 70 Lei
Professional cleaning 50 Lei
Desensitization / tooth 50 Lei
Tray fluoridation / arch 150 Lei
Supragingival manual scaling 200 Lei
Periodontometry 70 Lei
Immobilization/tooth 50 Lei
Subgingival scaling/tooth 30 Lei
SRP/tooth 50 Lei
Air flow with glycine powder 150 Lei
Reconstruction with Emdogain 500 Euros/tooth*
Flap surgery without addition/tooth 200 Lei
Flap surgery + bone augmentation/tooth 250 Euros*
Implant Swiss implant placement 450 Euros/Switzerland*
Bredent implant placement 450 Euros/Germany*
Bredent zirconia implant placement 800 Euros*
Maxillary sinus bone augmentation/sinus 700 Euros*
Mandibular bone augmentation 600 Euros/ hemimandible*
Autologous graft harvesting and fixation 600 Euros*
Bone augmentation without graft 300 Euros*
Frenectomy 400 Lei
Removal of intraoral tumors 600 Lei**
Gingivectomy 300 Lei/tooth
Gingivectomy with osteotomy 450 Lei
Impacted tooth exposure 550 Lei
Impacted tooth exposure with bracket placement 700 Lei
Removal of cervical skin tumors by laser/electrocautery 650 Lei**
Tooth extraction 150 Lei
Extraction of tooth roots/intraosseous foreign bodies 400 Lei
Finalization of tooth extraction after extraction attempt 200 Lei
Exposure of molars/canines 300 Lei
Exposure/disimpaction of molars/canines with bracket placement 400 Lei
Orthoimplant placement 450 Lei
Orthoimplant removal 200 Lei
Placement of orthodontic plates 281 Euros/ plate
Removal of orthodontic plates 300 Lei/ plate
a. Partially impacted tooth
b. Completely impacted tooth
500 Lei
700 Lei
Apical resection
a. Incisors and canines
b. Premolars
c. Molars
300 Lei
400 Lei
500-1000 Lei
Preservation of alveolus/tooth with membrane 167 Euros
Preservation of alveolus/tooth with membrane and bone from 300 Euros / tooth
Connective graft/tooth 170 Euros
Crown lengthening through gingivectomy 100 Lei
Crown lengthening through osteotomy 350 Lei
Removal of exostosis 300 Lei
Gingival crest reduction 300 Lei
Removal of procident tuberosity 400 Lei
Removal of torus palatinus 500 Lei
Removal of torus mandibularis 500 Lei
Incision of periosseous abscesses 150 Lei
Extraoral fistula plasty without treatment of the causative tooth 300 Lei
Cystectomy of intraosseous cysts 300 Lei
Oroantral communication plasty (maxillary sinus closure) 300 Lei
Removal of intrasinusal foreign bodies 450 Lei/ sinus
Removal of intrasinusal cysts 450 Lei/ sinus
Partial intrasinusal treatment 500 Lei/ sinus
Frenectomy 150 Lei
Removal of intraoral tumor masses fron 400 Lei**
Removal of cervicofacial skin tumor masses 550 Lei**
Reduction and immobilization of avulsioned teeth 400 Lei/ tooth
Removal of cervical skin sutures 150 Lei
Reduction of mandibular dislocations 200 Lei
Reduction and immobilization of mandibular fractures 2000 Lei
Direct provisional crown 20 Lei
Indirect provisional crown 100 Lei
Metal ceramic crown 650 Lei
All-zirconia crown 1000 Lei
Ceramic zirconia crown 1000 Lei
E max ceramic inlay 1000 Lei
Composite inlay 300 Lei
Dental veneers (ceramic) 1500 Lei/ veneer
Coronoradicular reconstruction 200 – 250 Lei
BioHPP coronoradicular reconstruction 500 Lei
Kemeny denture 350 – 500 Lei
Complete denture 1000 Lei
Acrylic partial denture 1000 Lei
Denture lining 200 Lei
Denture repair 150 Lei
Clasp repair 50 Lei
Skeletal prosthesis 2200 Lei
Complete denture on implants 1800 Euro
Replacement of teflon fittings for implant dentures 300 Lei/ replacement
All on four Bio-hpp Price on request
Provisional restoration with immediate implant loading Price on request
Tray with tooth 250 Lei
Rigid tray 400 Lei
Rigid elastic tray 400 Lei
Tray fitting/control session 50 Lei
Retroincisal plane 100 Lei
Endodontic treatment of milk teeth – calcium hydroxide 100 Lei/ session
Endodontic drainage 100 Lei
Sealing 100 Lei
Removable appliance 800 – 1200 Lei
Single-arch metal fixed appliance 2400 Lei
Single-arch self-ligating metal fixed appliance 2600 Lei
Single-arch ceramic fixed appliance 3000 Lei
Damon single-arch metal fixed appliance 3000 – 3500 Lei
Damon single-arch ceramic fixed appliance 4500 Lei
3D single-arch customized fixed lingual appliance (Harmony, Incognito, Win) 9000 – 11500 Lei
Examination, treatment plan, clear aligner setup 700 Lei
Clear aligner treatment for both arches depending on the complexity of the case 4500 – 12000 Lei
Safir Ice single-arch fixed appliance 3200 Lei
Tooth anchored expander 1200 Lei
Delaire mask 500 Lei
Initial orthodontic examination 50 Lei
Orthodontic impression taking 150 Lei
Emergency orthodontic examination 100 – 250 Lei
Monthly orthodontic examination 100 – 250 Lei
Control + activation of removable appliance 50 Lei
Control + activation of metal fixed appliance 100 Lei
Control + activation of ceramic fixed appliance 150 Lei
Control + activation of 3D fixed lingual appliance 250 Lei
Removal of appliance from one arch 150 Lei
Post-treatment examination 50 Lei
Immobilization 300 – 500 Lei
Simple acrylic tray 300 Lei
Intermediate models 150 Lei
Lingual bar, Nance button 500 Lei
Ring re-cementing 50 Lei
New metal bracket bonding 50 – 100 Lei
New ceramic bracket bonding 80 – 150 Lei

*Fees expressed in European currency are calculated in lei at the current rate of exchange.
**For tumor and cystic masses, anatomopathological examination is recommended, which is paid separately depending on the examination location required by the patient.