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Maxillofacial surgery

By providing maxillofacial surgery services, MaxiloMED Clinic is fundamentally different from other similar structures. Through this maxillofacial surgery service, patients benefit from complex and rapid treatments of head and neck tumors as well as oral cavity tumors.

Maxillofacial surgery maxilomed clinic oradea

These maxillofacial services are also intended for maxillary sinus pathology, facial bone trauma and infections of dental origin.

Patients are treated on an outpatient basis under locoregional anesthesia when necessary, and thus, bureaucratic complications are avoided and the patient benefits from rapid and minimally invasive treatment.

MaxiloMED Clinic

Chirurgie maxilo faciala - Clinica MaxiloMED
Chirurgie maxilo faciala - Clinica MaxiloMED
Chirurgie orala - Clinica MaxiloMED