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Specialist Dentist
  • Treatment of dental pulp
  • Treatment of dental caries
  • Dental reconstruction
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dr. Marius DIALOG


Dr. Marius Dialog is a dentist, a 2015 graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Oradea University.

His interest in endodontics as a branch of dental medicine manifested as early as his student years. He started carrying out voluntary work in various dental practices during his first year of studies, where he acquired the basic techniques required for endodontic treatments.
After completing his medical studies and obtaining the title of dentist, he began practicing dental medicine limited to endodontic treatment with the aim of reaching the highest possible level of achievement in this area.

He participated in many postgraduate training courses and various scientific meetings related to endodontic treatment in dental medicine practice.
In order to come as close as possible to perfection, Dr. Marius Dialog currently works strictly in the field of endodontics.

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